"Throughout my life, there have been two constants: family and a strong culinary tradition. Here at 1785, I want to share my family's recipes, and let our food bring your family together, as it does mine.

In 1886, Nicolo Miraglia left Maratea, his home on the Amalfi coast of Italy, to find a better future for himself and his family in the new world. Five years later, Francesco Lammoglia joined him. Francesco's son, my grandfather, Salvatore Lammoglia arrived in Cuba in 1926, followed by my father in 1934, at the age of nine. They lived in Guantanamo, my birthplace.

With the Communist revolutionary victory in 1958, traditional Cuban life changed. Freedom was lost, property was confiscated, and hope was crushed. In February 1962, my parents and I boarded a Pan Am flight to Miami with nothing more than the clothes on our backs; everything else we owned was taken at the airport by the government. Luckily, we had family in the United States and were able to join the American mainstream. 

In 1992, I arrived with my family in Saint Joseph, Missouri, where we have made our home. Saint Joseph is exactly 1785 miles from Guantanamo, Cuba. It is my hope that the food and drink you enjoy while at 1785 accurately represents the cultures and unique journeys of my family.”

 - Francisco J.  Lammoglia, Proprietor of 1785